• Hi!
    I'm Mandeeya

    I'm a software engineer and I like building things.

My day-to-day

What I Do

Software Design and Architecting

I architect software from the ground up, from problem definition to decisions and implementation.

Full Stack Development

I write code for both backend and frontend, and can dable into mobile dev when required. I also manage and deploy applications to AWS, Digital Ocean and sometimes GCP using docker and k8s


I design and build new microservices to scale, and, decouple monolithitic apps into lean and robust event-driven service. I also have a range of experience in different db/cache technologies such as mysql, postgres, redis, bigtable, aerospike

My Specialty

My Skills

I enjoy learning, and building interesting software. I also garden, cycle, and hike.

Some languages, frameworks and tools I use

Java (with Spring Boot)

Javascript (ReactJs)

Docker / K8s


Python (Fastapi, Flask)

C# (.Net Core)


PHP (Laravel, Symfony)

SQL / Postgres

NoSQL / Redis / Aerospike

AWS / GCP / Digital Ocean



I maintain a not so frequently updated blog about tech, hiking and gardening.

Get in Touch


You can send me an email: hello@mandeeya.io

I also build custom software. Have an exciting idea to discuss?

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