[Fun Builds] – Black Lives Matter Solidarity Banner for WordPress

The past weeks have been tough for most black people around world, especially African Americans, given the racial injustice and systemic racism ongoing in the United States for centuries and recently brought into the limelight once again, due to the unfortunate murder of George Floyd. A lot has happened and everyone is trying to find a way to support and show awareness in the smallest way possible, myself included.

I noticed that a number of sites had banners to show solidarity for Black Lives. After seeing that on Reactjs and Vuejs sites, I quickly searched for a WordPress plugin for Black Lives Matter in order to put up on my WordPress sites, and nothing came up. I decided to Google “how to create a WordPress plugin from scratch”, and found a few good articles and videos, and after skimming through, I realized building a plugin for WordPress was pretty simple, so I got to work.

The idea was quite straightforward; Build a plugin that adds a banner to the top header of a WordPress site with a Black Lives Matter text and links to support and take action.


Here’s a link to the plugin on WordPress: https://wordpress.org/plugins/black-lives-matter-solidarity-banner

You can also search for ‘black lives matter’ from the WordPress plugins page and install directly.

In case you’re interested in the code, it’s open sourced and available for contributions on Github. https://github.com/rasheeda/black-lives-matter-wordpress-plugin

I also made a video about building it.

I hope you get to try out the banner on your site :). #blacklivesmatter

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