welcome to the blog

Welcome to The Blog!

Hi there!

I recently started brushing up on my data structures and algorithms, and found out I had forgotten most of what I learned during my computer science university days. I wanted to revise these concepts, which could be helpful in developing optimal solutions.

A bit of a background: I am a software engineer and have been coding professionally for 6 years now. I code daily in PHP (Symfony, Laravel), Javascript (NodeJs, ReactJs), SQL, SCSS and occasionally tinker with raspberry pi in Python. I also built android apps in Java, and games in Unity, but haven’t played around with them in almost 2 years.

I find that I learn more when I teach, and so the mindset behind this blog is to re-teach myself data structures and algorithms by sharing what I learn.

If you’re interested in joining me on this journey of re-learning, then welcome! I plan to publish at least once a week.

You can follow me on Twitter for updates.

Thanks for reading and hope you stick around.


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